Earthwork Harvest Gathering 2017

September 15 - 17
The Earthwork Harvest Gathering is a celebration of food and music, featuring the freshest of local ingredients and fine imported specialties.
Lake City, MI
The Earthwork Harvest Gathering Volunteer Teams are a honed group of enthusiastic helping hands. We take our commitment seriously and show up alert, on point and ready to offer our best selves to the service of this amazing community event. It is rewarding in so many ways and really brings people inside of the event to become part of a hard-working and dedicated circle of exceptional humans! Sound like something you'd like to take part in? Well here's how it works...

Thanks to our friends at Help the Herd we've made all of our lives easier by creating an online database of volunteers for our festival. Please take some time to fill out your profile, as it will be there through the years representing your volunteer status not just for the Harvest Gathering, but for other festivals too. Let us know who you are, what your skills are and what you really love doing. Upload a photo of yourself and as many details as you feel are relevant.

Then here's the fun part! Check out our many different volunteer teams and shifts and pick at least two four hour shifts in the area of your choosing. Once you pick your shifts, an approval request will be automatically sent to your team leader and you will be up for review and approval. You will receive an e-mail to let you know if you have been approved for the shift or denied. Certain areas require more experience than others, so don't be discouraged if you are denied, it usually just means we don't know you well enough yet! Try requesting another shift. It is highly recommended and useful to us for you to volunteer under the same team or category for both of your shifts. This is because you can use your experience from your first shift, to make you a more efficient and crafty volunteer for your second shift. Please consider choosing one team to be part of this year. Once you've been approved your team leader will be in touch about the details and keep you updated as the festival draws near.

Upon your arrival at the festival, you will be required to pay the full ticket price at the gate ($110) unless you have made arrangements to be sponsored by your team leader in advance. Please be prepared and bring the full ticket price, there will be no exceptions to this arrangement. Once you've parked and settled in please check in at the volunteer booth. There you will verify and pick up your shift approval cards, check into the gathering and receive your volunteer information, this is also where you will be reimbursed upon completion of your shifts. We ask that you make sure to check into the volunteer booth at least one hour before your shift begins. The volunteer booth is located in front of the little house near the cedar stage. The booth is open from Thursday-Monday 9am-9pm. If you arrive for a shift and the booth is not open, please check in at the next available opportunity.
We expect our volunteers to arrive at their shift location at least 10 min early, with energy and a positive and open mind. We also suggest that volunteers bring with them necessary comforts or gear needed for their job (water, work clothes and shoes, work gloves, hats, a snack etc...) to insure a healthy and functional four hours!

Lastly... Thank you! We very much appreciate your help and your dedication to the Earthwork Harvest Gathering. We could not do it without you and we are so grateful. If you have any questions or volunteer related ideas, or if you have any questions about this website and or navigating/trouble shooting please e-mail Bill at

With Love and Gratitude,
the Folks at Earthwork Farm

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